SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Changing the Amount of Decoded Sounder Data

The GVAR Sounder Decoder images are written to a rotating spool of McIDAS area files. The amount of data retained is determined by the size of this spool, which may be adjusted to fit your needs by editing the beginning and ending range numbers in the file /data/opt/etc/rc.GVAR. Below is a sample of the lines in the file that set the range numbers.

# Start and end AREA files for sounder decoder
export AREA1 AREA2

AREA1 is the beginning number in the AREA spool
AREA2 is the ending number in the AREA spool

To adjust the amount of retained sounder areas, perform the following steps:

1. Modify the values of the AREA1 and AREA2 variables in the /data/opt/etc/rc.GVAR file. The value of AREA2 must always be greater than or equal to that of AREA1.

2. Update the values of the R1 and R2 fields of the appropriate sounder datasets in the ADDE dataset resolution table. See Changing GVAR Sounder Dataset Names. The R1 and R2 fields should be set to those values defined for AREA1 and AREA2, respectively.

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