SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Changing Server Dataset Names

Perform the following procedure to change or update server dataset names.

1. To change ADDE names associated with particular datasets, edit the file /data/opt/etc/RESOLV.SRV. The following is an example listing of this file. Notice that all fields are comma delimited. You can not place a comma in the comment field.

N1=POES,N2=N15LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-15 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N16LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-16 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N17LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-17 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N18LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-18 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N15GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-15 GAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N16GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-16 GAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N17GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-17 GAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N18GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-18 GAC images,




is the ADDE group name (the default is POES; you can change N1 if desired)



is the ADDE descriptor name (these names are fixed for POES and must not be changed)



is the data type - IMAGE



is the data format or kind - POES



is the beginning dataset position number (usually set to 1)



is the ending dataset position number; this number should always be greater than the total number of images the ingestor has been configured to retain


Q is the directory that the descriptor file is in



is the comment field displayed with the DSINFO command

2. Save the file.

The IMGLIST command lists the images in a dataset. It always shows the image resolution as 1 (full resolution) and the image size as the complete image size. All sectorizing or image blowdowns are done via other ADDE commands such as IMGDISP, IMGCOPY, etc.

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