SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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As described in the SDI Event Notification System section of Chapter 1, the SDI ingestor allows automated event notifications via email, writing to a file, or running a program or script.

The POES ingestor generates only one event, Index Created (new image). This event is generated any time the POES ingestor sees a new image and creates an index file. The body of the email for this event is in the following format:

index_file_name sat_id ddd hhmmss nlines




is the name of the index file; See Index File Format in this chapter for a complete description of the format of this file name.



is the spacecraft address; this is the raw satellite ID number, not the McIDAS sensor source (SS) number. See the table at the beginning of this chapter



is the julian day in DDD of the start of this image



is the time in HHMMSS of the start of this image



is the total number of lines in this image

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