SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Accessing the Data via ADDE

Once the SDI begins to ingest data and is connected to the network, the data can be accessed on workstations running McIDAS via ADDE. The ADDE group name, by default, is POES. Perform the Changing Server Dataset Names procedure if you want to change it.

Perform these steps to access the SDI's data.

1. From a McIDAS workstation:


For example, if the SDI has an IP address of


2. Use the ADDE command named DSINFO to list the descriptor names.


The output should look something like:

Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: POES

Name             NumPos       Content 
---------------------------   ---------------------------
ALL              100          POES      All POES images
N09GAC           100          POES      NOAA-09 GAC images
N09HRPT          100          POES      NOAA-09 HRPT images
N09LAC           100          POES      NOAA-09 LAC images
N10GAC           100          POES      NOAA-10 GAC images
N10HRPT          100          POES      NOAA-10 HRPT images
N10LAC           100          POES      NOAA-10 LAC images
N11GAC           100          POES      NOAA-11 GAC images
N11HRPT          100          POES      NOAA-11 HRPT images
N11LAC           100          POES      NOAA-11 LAC images
N12GAC           100          POES      NOAA-12 GAC images
N12HRPT          100          POES      NOAA-12 HRPT images
N12LAC           100          POES      NOAA-12 LAC images
N14GAC           100          POES      NOAA-14 GAC images
N14HRPT          100          POES      NOAA-14 HRPT images
N14LAC           100          POES      NOAA-14 LAC images

DSINFO -- done

At this point the suite of ADDE commands can be used with the data.

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