SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Changing Server Dataset Names

Perform the following procedure to change or update server dataset names.

1. From the console, login as user mcadde or telnet into the ingestor as user mcadde.

2. To change ADDE names associated with particular datasets, edit the file ~mcadde/mcidas/data/RESOLV.SRV. The following is an example listing of this file. Notice that all fields are comma delimited. You can not place a comma in the comment field.

N1=POES,N2=N09LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-09 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N10LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-10 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N11LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-11 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N12LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-12 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N14LAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-14 LAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N09GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-09 GAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N10GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-10 GAC images,
N1=POES,N2=N11GAC,TYPE=IMAGE,K=POES,R1=1,R2=100,Q=/data,C=POES NOAA-11 GAC images,



is the ADDE group name (the default is POES; you can change N1 if desired)



is the ADDE descriptor name (these names are fixed for POES and must not be changed)



is the data type - IMAGE



is the data format or kind - POES



is the beginning dataset position number (usually set to 1)



is the ending dataset position number. This number should always be greater than the total number of images the ingestor has been configured to retain.



is the comment field displayed with DSINFO

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