McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Creating a McIDAS-X Environment

To run McIDAS-X commands outside of a McIDAS-X session, a McIDAS-X environment must be created. A McIDAS-X environment is the information a McIDAS session uses to run commands. It includes User Common, the redirect table, MCPATH and the frame objects that McIDAS-X programs need to run commands. This information is stored in a shared memory segment and a temporary subdirectory of $HOME/.mctmp.

A McIDAS-X environment is created automatically when you start a McIDAS command with the .k extension or run the mcenv process from a Unix prompt. The duration of the McIDAS-X environment depends on how it was started, as listed in the table below.


Starting Procedures from the Unix Prompt Duration
mcidascommand.k duration of the command
mcenv with a Unix script duration of the script or program
mcenv without a Unix script until mcenv is cancelled with the Unix exit command

When you are running commands outside of a McIDAS-X session, it is important to consider the duration of the environment. You don't want the environment to close before your commands or scripts are finished.

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