McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Using Unix Conventions

When entering McIDAS commands at the Unix prompt or with the mcenv process, enter the command in lowercase, followed by .k. All parameters and keywords are entered in the same form and case as in the McIDAS Text and Command Window, as shown in the example below.

& map.k VH IMA=1 GRA=1

Some characters require a preceding escape character so that Unix interprets them literally. Use a backslash (\) to escape the character immediately following it. Use pairs of double (") and single quotes (') to escape groups of characters. Double quotes escape all characters except other double quotes and dollar signs ($). Single quotes escape all characters except other single quotes.

The characters below have special meaning in Unix and require an escape character when entered as part of a McIDAS-X command.

In the example below, a backslash is used in the first line because the unpaired double quote must be escaped. In the second line, the paired single quotes do NOT need to be escaped; paired single quotes are also capable of escaping other characters, so the semicolon does not need to be escaped.

& skl.k \"GOES-9

When using string names, the command must be preceded by the command mceval.k in addition to a pound sign (#). See Using String Tables for more information.

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