McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Entering Commands at the Unix Prompt

When you enter McIDAS-X commands from the Unix prompt, a McIDAS environment is started and lasts only the duration of the command. For example, a separate McIDAS environment is started for each command below.

$ imgdisp.k GOES/HEMI.1000 1 
$ frmsave.k 1 NHEM

The command imgdisp.k loads the image in position 1000 of dataset GOES/HEMI into frame 1. When imgdisp.k is finished, the frame is deleted and the McIDAS environment closes. The Unix shell reads the next command, frmsave.k, and creates a new McIDAS environment and a new frame 1. The frmsave.k command saves the contents of frame 1 into the file NHEM.GIF. However, frame 1 is empty so NHEM.GIF is black except for the annotation line at the bottom.

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