McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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! (Exclamation Point)

Sends a command to the Unix shell.


! command



Unix command to run; spaces between the exclamation point and the Unix command are optional


This command lets you run a Unix command from the McIDAS-X Text and Command Window. The Unix command should include the correct path, if needed. The Unix command should not invoke a program, such as Telnet, that expects a user input while running.

Once you type the exclamation point (!), the case mode automatically changes to the opposite mode. For example, if you typed the previous command in upper case, all characters entered after the exclamation point (!) appears in lowercase unless you use the Shift or Caps Lock key.

This command performs the same function as the OS command, but differs in the following ways:

See Also

The OS command also sends commands to the Unix shell.


! ls -1 /data/AREA*

This entry runs the Unix ls command to list all file names beginning with AREA in the /data directory.

! echo $MCPATH

This command runs the Unix echo command to list the current setting of the MCPATH environment variable.

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