McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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? (Question Mark)

Lists the status of McIDAS commands and processes.


The question mark (?) command lists all the McIDAS commands and processes running in your Unix account. The information listed depends on the workstation type. Output information is described below.

Header Description
UID or USER user ID of the person who started the process
PID process identification number to use when stopping a command
PPID parent process ID number
C processor utilization for scheduling
TT or TTY controlling workstation for the process
STAT state of the process
STIME start time of the process
TIME amount of CPU time used
CMD or COMMAND process or command; most McIDAS commands are listed in uppercase

Use command KILL to stop processes. Do not stop the IMPORT, SKED, or TCPIP processes; they are required to run McIDAS-X.

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