McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Image Window

The Image Window displays images and graphics generated by entering commands in the Text and Command Window. Images and graphics are displayed on frames. Graphics overlay the image. For example, in the McIDAS-X Image Window below, the map is displayed over the satellite image.

The title bar displays the McIDAS-X version number, the user's logon name, and the workstation name.

To make the Image Window active and display it on top of any overlapping windows, either click in the window or press the numeric keypad's plus (+) key while the Text and Command Window is active.

The information below applies to McIDAS-X sessions without independent graphics (the default mode). See the McIDAS-X Independent Graphics section for specific information about -X sessions with independent graphics.

Frames are numbered beginning with 1, and display both images and graphics, meaning that you cannot loop images or graphics independently. The current frame number is displayed at the bottom left of the Image Window. In the example above, 0001 means that frame 1 is displayed.

The following commands are used to control the Image Window display. See Displaying Loops for commands that control frame looping.

More than 30 commands display or draw graphics on a frame. The new graphics are displayed on top of the previously displayed image and graphics.

Only the commands IMGDISP and IMGMAG display images on a frame. Displaying an image overwrites any previously displayed image. However, previously displayed graphics remain visible and unmodified.

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