McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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McIDAS-X Independent Graphics

The information in the previous section applies to McIDAS-X sessions without independent graphics. This is the default mode at startup unless you include the command -c 'TERM IG ON' in your .mcidasrc file.

With independent graphics, McIDAS uses separate image and graphics frames, so you can display or loop them independently. This mode is useful if you create loops of colocated images because you don't have to draw the same map on every frame. Instead, you can draw the map on a single graphics frame and display that single graphics frame while looping through a series of image frames.

The following commands are valid only on sessions with independent graphics.

The following commands have new definitions on sessions with independent graphics.

You can specify -c 'TERM IG OFF' or -c 'TERM IG ON' in your .mcidasrc file to have McIDAS-X automatically start in the desired mode. If a TERM IG command is not set in your .mcidasrc and you want to change to the independent graphics mode, you should run the appropriate TERM command when you first start McIDAS-X (before displaying images or graphics). Changing modes later may not work correctly. Problems are more likely to arise if you switch from ON to OFF than from OFF to ON. If problems do arise, it's best to exit and restart McIDAS-X.

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