McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Using Strings and Function Keys

Strings are used to store long, difficult-to-remember, or commonly used commands or values. For example, you might use a string named LL to store a latitude/longitude coordinate (like -35:30:15 98:25:40) that you frequently use when copying or displaying images. Use the commands TE, TD, TL, and TU to work with strings. These commands are described below; for more information see Chapter 3, Commands.

The following conventions apply to creating strings:

Use the TE or ASK1 command to change the value of an existing string. For example, if you want to change the value of the string STATIONS from DCA MIA MSP LAX to KDCA KMIA KMSP KLAX, you can either recreate the string and its value with TE, or run command ASK1 STATIONS and add the preceding K before each station.

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