What does it mean to have a successful career as a UW-Madison professor? Are you aware of research and tools to help you have a more fulfilling and productive work life ... and time for life outside of work? With generous support from

UW professors can attend a free 1/2-day training from acclaimed academic coach, consultant, and researcher Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Director of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. Dr. Rockquemore is known for her energetic, inspiring seminars, specifically designed for pre- and post-tenure professors. Her nuts-and-bolts suggestions for building supportive communities, productive writing, and work/life balance relate to all faculty. Don't miss this opportunity to start 2013 off right!


Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
8:30 – 12:00 “Pre-Tenure Strategies Success and Productivity”
1:30 – 5:00 “Charting a Meaningful Post-Tenure Career”

Place: Pyle Center, Room 213,

Audience: Attendence is limited to 40 pre- and 40 post-tenure faculty members in each session

A  reception for Dr. Rockquemore will be held Tuesday evening, January 22.

The workshops

Pre-Tenure Strategies Success and Productivity

This workshop is tailored for pre-tenure faculty audience. It will focus on the themes of mentoring, writing productivity, and work/life balance. These draw from her previous seminar topics, “Mentoring 101: How to Get What You Need to Thrive in the Academy” and “Tenure & Time Management: How to Manage Your Time so You Can Publish Prolifically AND Have a Life Beyond the Ivory Tower.”

Charting a Meaningful Post-Tenure Career

The afternoon workshop is for those faculty who are post-tenure and address topics such as  “Writing Your Next Chapter: How to Find Your Mojo and Move Forward at Mid-Career.”  Dr. Rockquemore’s Inside Higher Ed articles in 2012 have focused on post-tenure faculty. Recent articles discuss motivation for staying in academe (July 30, 2012), handling post-tenure service requests (July 23, 2012), “mid-career productivity issues” (July 9, 2012), “how mid-career academics can find their place on emotional spectrum” (July 2, 2012), “chart[ing] a meaningful post-tenure career” (June 25, 2012), and the “need for tenured faculty members to have mentoring” (November 28, 2011).


Both workshops have now filled. We encourage you to WAITLIST by responding to the questions on the online registration form. We are exploring the possibility of increasing participation and will contact waitlisted individuals as soon as possible.

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