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MERLIN, the Multi-source EnviRonmental data dispLay for INternet archives, is intended primarily for researchers investigating climate and global change issues, as it provides access, fusion, intercomparison, interpretation and visualization of a wide variety of environmental data and derived products. The MERLIN software uses a graphical user interface to access this data. (133 KB image)

MERLIN was developed for use by researchers using the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program. The software has been extended for use by other communities through Sidecars. MERLIN Sidecars are customized graphical user interfaces containing applications for specific areas of interest. Sidecars provide MERLIN with a level of customization that makes it more flexible as new applications arise. Currently, there are MERLIN Sidecars for the following projects:

MERLIN was developed by SSEC with principal funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Science Foundation (NSF).

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Acquiring MERLIN

MERLIN Version 1.1 and the AMRC and MODIS Sidecars are now available. (The applications contained in the TOGA Sidecar have been incorporated into MERLIN 1.1) Use one of the methods below to obtain these packages.

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