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Contrast Graph


This RCO will plot up to four sets of instructor provided data, and display the difference between the Y values at any X value as a grey-shade color contrast. The idea behind the particular use it was developed for is that certain energy wavelengths can provide sharp contrast between specific substances (such as ice and water) and are therefore useful in scientific applications of remote sensing.

The underlying plotting classes are general enough that they could be applied to develop other similar, but more generalized RCOs, but this RCO is somewhat specialized due to the emphasis on contrast.

The sample XML file provided below must be populated with appropriate data (plot data points and boundary values, etc.) and placed in the same location as the HTML file used to access and present this RCO.

Note this RCO uses another RCO as a sub-component. It uses the Info Panel RCO to display tips, instructions, or other information relevant to the learning activity designed around this RCO. Please review the online documentation for information on how to configure and use Info Panel.

Example usage:

This link will bring up a separate browser window with a page that uses this RCO.

Snapshot of sample use:

Example use of Contrast Graph RCO

How to use

  1. Create an HTML file which will reference and load this RCO. Cut-and-paste the sample applet tag below and insert at the location in the HTML file you want to use the RCO.
  2. Create an XML file with input data based on the example below.
  3. Create an XML file for the Info Panel subcomponent based on the example below.
  4. Download the RCO by right-clicking the download link below and choosing "Save Link Target As..."
  5. Edit the applet tag parameters to reference your new file names, and test.

Create your XML file one of two ways:

  Edit this sample Contrast Graph XML file

  Generate your Contrast Graph XML automatically with this link.

  Edit this sample Info Panel XML file

  Generate your Info Panel XML automatically with this link.

This RCO bundled as a jar file

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