Satellite Observations in Science Education

Reusable Content Objects

List of available RCOs

Listed below are the Reusable Content Objects, or RCOs, that are used on the Satellite Observations in Science Education Web site. Click a link to learn more about an RCO, how to use it, and to download the RCO.

Satellite Imagery Display and Analysis

  • Area Estimator   Estimate the area of a feature within an image
  • Channel Mixer   Apply single image channels to R, G, and B values of a new image.
  • Contrast Stretch   Interactive contrast stretching within an image
  • Feature Finder   User finds and traces feature(s) within an image
  • Feature Sizer   Determine the area of a feature within an image using various techniques
  • Feature Tracker   Track movement of a feature within an image set
  • Image Composite Explorer    Powerful data analysis and exploration using real-time MODIS imagery
  • Multi-Dataset/Multi-Function   Work with multiple datasets with control sets specific to each
  • Quiz Image   See if user can pick out an image feature by clicking on it
  • Satellite VCR   Satellite imagery loop with VCR style controls
  • Sensor Simulator   Simulate a remote sensor Field of View, Signal-to-Noise, or Spectral Resolution.

Data Plotting and Visualization

  • Contrast Graph   Plot up to four sets of X-Y data and display value differences as contrast

Organization and Display of Textual Information

  • Info Panel   Window with displayed text associated with a drop-down selection

Sequential Mixed-Content Display

User Input Validation

  • Input Validator   Validate numeric or textual user input with control over number of attempts and margin of error

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