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Sequence Display


This simple RCO is typically used as a sub-component of more complex RCOs, to gradually reveal a sequence of steps or a procedure, forcing user interaction by requiring button clicks to advance the sequence. The idea is to simplify a complex process by revealing the process gradually. It probably could be employed as a standalone RCO as well, but at present there has yet to be a need.

The instructor need only provide an XML file with a set of steps. A step consists of a label and associated text. The instructor also provides a direction for the Sequence - which specifies whether it will read vertically from top to bottom, or horizontally from left to right.

The sample XML file provided below can be populated with real data and must placed in the same location as the HTML file used to access and present this RCO.

Snapshot of sample use:

Example use of Sequence RCO

How to use

  1. Create an HTML file which will reference and load this RCO. Cut-and-paste the sample HTML below and use it as a starting point for your web page.
  2. Create an XML file with input data based on the example below.
  3. Download the RCO by right-clicking the download link below and choosing "Save Link Target As..."
  4. Edit the applet tag parameters of the parent RCO, similar to the example shown below, and test.

Create your XML file one of two ways:

  Edit this sample Sequence Display XML file

  Generate your XML automatically with this link.

This RCO bundled as a jar file

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