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Image Composite Explorer


This tool adapts the NASA Earth Observatory's Image Composite Explorer to function as an RCO with real-time data capability. This means the ICE RCO has the functionality of the original ICE tool, but in addition to working on static images prepared ahead of time, in real-time mode lets the user work with the most recent MODIS data available (from both satellites, Terra and Aqua). The idea for real-time mode is this: for whatever Earth location you choose, you will get the most recent MODIS data available. Because of this, you will see visual discontinuities in the data where polar passes overlap.

This RCO provides many mechanisms for data analysis and exploration, including RGB and math composites, scatter plots, and histograms. For examples and guides for users and teachers, see the NASA link above, or simply explore using the example usage below.

If you wish to use any of the SOSE RCOs in real-time mode on your own web server, you will need to install a small web application in a servlet container such as Tomcat. Contact us for details.

The sample XML file provided below must be populated with appropriate data and placed in the same location as the HTML file used to access and present this RCO.

Example usage:

This link will bring up a separate browser window with a page that uses this RCO in RGB mode.

This link will bring up a separate browser window with a page that uses this RCO in Math mode.

Snapshot of sample use:

Example use of Image Composite Explorer RCO

How to use

  1. Create an HTML file which will reference and load this RCO. Cut-and-paste the sample applet tag below and insert at the location in the HTML file you want to use the RCO.
  2. Create an XML file with input data based on the example below.
  3. Create an image file with a scale and the target feature clearly outlined.
  4. Download the RCO by right-clicking the download link below and choosing "Save Link Target As..."
  5. Edit the applet tag parameters to reference your new file names, and test.

Create your XML file one of two ways:

  Edit this sample Image Composite Explorer XML file

  Generate your XML automatically with this link.

This RCO bundled as a jar file

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