Radiances and Cloud Analyses


GOES Dwell Soundings

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A central issue for Mission to Planet Earth is the treatment in Global Climate Models (GCM) of the relationships among cloudiness, radiation, and water vapor. However, coordinated data sets which effectively constrain the choices open to GCM modelers in all three areas of uncertainty have been largely lacking. In principle radiance measurements from satellites provide, on the space and time scales that are relevant to a GCM, simultaneous information regarding water vapor, cloudiness, and their effects on the outgoing radiation at the top of the atmosphere. Such data products should also provide context dependent measures of uncertainty for all the major variables.

We offer a prototype sample of products covering a period of seven days in May 1988, in a combination of HTML and HDF-EOS formats, based upon the archive of data from the Visible/Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer (VISSR) Atmospheric Sounder (VAS) aboard the U.S. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES). These include observed radiances from all the VAS channels that were reported, the estimated radiances that a satellite would have seen under clear sky conditions, and an analysis of cloud top pressure and effective cloud fraction for high, middle, and low clouds. They cover the continental United States and adjacent ocean on a spatial resolution of one degree of latitude and longitude, approximately every 90 minutes. They are offered to the scientific community for evaluation. Submitted user comments will be incorporated into the science evaluation page below.


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"Radiances and Cloud Analysis from GOES Dwell Soundings", F. P. Bretherton and D. P. Wylie, Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison, May 1998

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