VISITview Playback Through Browsers

updated: 10/11/2002

Please note: the "audio/annotation" mode described herein has not been thoroughly tested!

It is possible to post your lesson on a web (httpd) server for others to view privately -- that is, they will be placed into a unique, private group. (Be careful when editting the HTML files that you use an editor that can preserve long lines...some of the lines of text in these files are hundreds of characters long.) Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Make your lesson and save as a ZIP file from the Lesson Builder
  2. On the machine with the HTTPD (web) server, create a new directory that is accessible from the server
  3. Unzip the contents of your lesson into this new directory
  4. Delete the entire jre/ directory (to save space)
  5. Copy the viewmaster.html file into viewlesson.html
  6. Edit viewlesson.html and make the following changes:
    1. on the line that says <PARAM name="group" value="????">
      change the group to the word random, so that this line now reads:
      <PARAM name="group" value="random">
      This will insure that each person using this will be assigned a unique group ID.
    2. remove the PARAM lines for host, althost and register.
    3. save the file
  7. Tell your users to aim their favorite browser at the viewlesson.html file

If your lesson also contains recorded audio and annotations and you wish your users to also be able to play this back over the web (this is not recommended if you have any loops of more than 4 frames!), then also do these steps:

  1. Do all the steps above
  2. Copy the viewlesson.html file into viewplayer.html (or whatever you'd like to call it-dot-html)
  3. Edit the viewplayer.html and change the <PARAM name="Master" value="true"> to read:
    <PARAM name="Player" value="true">
  4. Tell your users to aim their favorite browser at the viewplayer.html file.

Note that if you have used "high quality" audio recording (16 bit samples) then your lesson cannot be played back through Netscape 4.x.

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