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VISITview® is a teletraining and real-time collaboration tool developed for the National Weather Service VISIT program to meet the needs of science training of their forecasters.  While it emphasizes functions needed to realize these goals, it can be used for any lawful application where image animations, zooming, colorizing, and the like are needed. It uses an integrated whiteboard/blackboard and provides for a chat function as well as page-by-page quizzes and external links, to connect instructor(s) to many students. You may also record voice and all "annotation" activities for synchronized playback has been added to VISITview®'s capabilities.

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VISITview®-based lesson: How to Make a VISITview® Lesson

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Using the controls

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What are all these files?

vvinstall.exe - the contents of but installed with InstallAnywhere® which creates a folder with icons to launch common processes (~16.2MB) - Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7 only. (Or via FTP.) - all the code and template files you need (~15.5MB) (Or via FTP.) - just the Java class files - useful for updates (~210KB) - just the class files needed for lessons - useful for updates (~135KB)

tutorial_images.exe - sample images for the VISITview® Tutorial (~3MB)

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(last software update/release: December 14th, 2009)


This work is supported by NOAA through the Cooperative Institutes (CIMSS and CIRA).

Please see the copyright notice. VISITview® is a Trademark registered to the Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, in The United States of America.