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VISITview tutorial

June, 2002


This tutorial is designed to walk you through the development and deployment of a VISITview-based lesson. Before you can do this, you must:
  1. Download and install the VISITview program -- see the links at the bottom of the VISITview home page.

    If you are installing on a Windows machine, please use the "Windows installer". If you are installing on a different platform, you must:

  2. Download and unpack the example images from here. This is a self-extracting ZIP file (and if you are doing this on a non-Windows machine, you may just 'unzip' it). It is best to put these into their own (new) directory.
  3. Start up the Lesson Builder and walk through each step outlined in the next several pages, right along with this tutorial.

Table of Contents

Getting your images into the lesson
Making animations
Changing your mind
Making portals
Using overlays
Saving your lesson
Creating a Quiz
Recording annotations and audio

The Lesson Builder window

To start the Lesson Builder, either click on the Lesson Builder icon, or run the build.bat file. The Lesson Builder main window will pop up. It looks like this:

Below, however, is a seemingly complex diagram that also includes a label to define each of the parts of the Lesson Builder window:

Please take a few moments to study this, and compare it to what you see on your own screen.

When you're ready to start building a lesson, please click here.
To return to the VISITview Home Page, please click here.