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VISITview tutorial

June, 2002

Saving your lesson

This page will walk you through saving and testing the lesson you have just created.
  1. You save your lesson by clicking on the File -> Save Lesson menu item:

  2. A "file chooser" dialog will pop up -- you must choose or type in the name of the ZIP file to save your lesson to. For example:

  3. After you "click" the dialog box's Save button, the program will copy all of your image files from their source directory into the ZIP archive file. You will then get the set/change saved lesson parameters dialog:

  4. You may change any of the values shown by just typing over them. Note when you click in the text entry field, the format of the information will appear at the bottom of the screen!!

    Here is what they mean:

  5. When you've changed the lesson parameters to the values you want, click the OK at the bottom of the page
  6. The program will then create the HTML and helper script/batch files, and then copy all the java runtime for Windows.
  7. When it's finished, the original window will be restored.

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