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VISITview tutorial

June, 2002

Changing your mind

This page will introduce you to some basic editting, in case you decide to move some pages (or frames) around or delete some after you've put them into the lesson.
  1. To begin with, let's add a 3rd page. From the List of image files, find page3.jpg and Append it to your lesson. Your screen should look like:

  2. Please notice, that when you single-click on one of the thumbnails in the lesson layout, that a magenta-colored border appears around the thumbnail:

    This means that the Page (or Portal or Overlay or Frame) is selected. Once selected, you may:

  3. Let's move Page 2 to the beginning of the lesson.
    1. Click on the thumbnail for Page 2 to "select" it.
    2. Click on the Edit menu, and then select the Move option. Your screen should look like:

    3. Now, click on the Move option
    4. Note the "hint" at the bottom of your window now says: Move pending; click on target Page
    5. Move the pointer to be on top of the thumbnail for Page 1
    6. Click once.
    7. Note that (old) Page 2 has now moved to the Page 1 position, and that all the frames have been moved as well. Your screen should look like this:

  4. Now let's delete a page and then undo it.
    1. Select Page 3 by clicking on its thumbnail
    2. Click on the Edit menu, and select the Delete page option.
    3. Click on the Delete page option, and the selected page (Page 3) will be removed.
    4. Say, "Oops, I did not mean to do that!"
    5. Open up the Edit menu again, and click on the Undo item...Page 3 will be restored!

    You may "Undo" just about all actions involving pages, frames, and portals. Exceptions (and there are some) are noted in the menu.

  5. Finally, let's put Page 2 back in the second page position:
    1. Select the first page (which is dark blue, labelled Page 2) by clicking on the thumbnail - a magenta border will appear.
    2. Click on the Edit->Menu->Move
    3. Finally, click on top of the thumbnail for the second position (light blue colored image).
    4. After the move, the pages should look like this:

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