Animation of Cropped AWIPS Panels in VISITview
(see below for details)

The images above were cropped from large (1202x993) 4-panel AWIPS screen grabs such as AWIPS_4panel.gif using the freeware application ImageMagick. The AWIPS screen grabs were captured using the following script on an HPUX workstation:

#!/bin/ksh sleep 5 xwd -nobdrs -out ~/colorxwd.xwd -display $DISPLAY -name "Forecast Systems Laboratory D-2D (default)" convert ~/colorxwd.xwd ~/AWIPS_4panel.gif

Image cropping can be done also using the convert component of ImageMagick. For example, the images above were cropped using

convert -crop 566x454+635+520 AWIPS_4panel.gif cropped_ir4_image_1.gif

(the cropped image WIDTHxHEIGHT is 566x454, and the crop begins in the upper left corner of the region to be cropped, at x=635, y=520 on the large 4-panel image).

To determine the above image coordinates for your cropped images, use the display component of ImageMagick to open the main image

display AWIPS_4panel.gif

First, click the right mouse button to open the "Commands" tools , and then click the center mouse button to open a separate "Magnify 3X" window. You can then roam around on your large image to determine the exact cropping coordinates and dimensions (these values are displayed in the "Magnify 3X" window as you click and drag the center mouse button to roam). Then use these values with the "convert -crop ..." command shown above.

For cropped image sizes that fit well into a VISITview lesson to be displayed at screen resolutions of 600x800 or larger, a method that works well is to put the AWIPS screen into 4-panel mode. Note the vertical "bar" separating the main 4 panels from the smaller panels along the side -- drag this bar as far to the left as possible. This will consistently yield 4 panels that are each 566x454 in size. Following the "convert -crop" command line above will then always give you consistent crops with no wobble when animated. Using 4 panels also allows you to include the product titles and time/date along the bottom, as well as the color bar across the top of each panel.

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