Sample Instructions for Installing a lesson for VISITview


In order to install this lesson, you will need to create a new directory on your hard drive, download a self extracting, compressed file into this directory, and then run this file in order to extract the data and program files.

  1. create a directory on your computer to hold this lesson.  For example, open a Command Prompt window and type:

  2.        cd \
           mkdir xyzvisit
    You can also do this using the Windows Explorer  or My Computer.
  3. get the self extracting ZIP file (it is almost 20MB) from here:

  4.        XYZvisit.exe
  5. be sure to put this file into the same directory  you created in step 1.

  7. to extract all the image and program files, just run the XYZvisit.exe file by either:
  8.                                             OR
This completes the installation.  To join the training session, just click on the


filename from My Computer  or Windows Explorer, or open a Command Prompt window, and type:

              cd \xyzvisit

During the lesson, if a message "Communications problem - restart" appears at the bottom of the window, then you will need to close out that window (double click over the icon in the upper left corner), and then enter the visit command again.

In the window where you enter the visit command, you will see various communications message appearing; for the most part, you should ignore these.

(NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS:  If you have bundled the JRE/Java Runtime Environment with this lesson, just delete the following text.)

Please note...

You must have the Java runtime environment installed to use this lesson in the local mode (where all the image files are on your hard drive and are not transferred across the net while the training is in progress).  If you're not sure if you have the correct software, do this: If the JRE is not installed, then you must first install it.  Please refer to this page for instructions.

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