Bill Bellon -- SSEC/UW-Madison

JSani: Version 2

Current Status: beta

Download / Change log:

  • Version 2.84.beta | 2016-Jan-27:
    • Added zoom button help - when enabled, clicking on the zoom button (if present) will show instructions on how to use the zoom button / mode. See the examples section for more information.
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  • Version 2.82.beta | 2016-Jan-20:
    • Added the framelabel option. See the examples section for more information.
  • Version 2.81.beta | 2016-Jan-05:
    • Added the resizeAnim method to JSani that can be used to resize the animation. See the resize.html page for an example.

      Note: this feature / method currently will reset the zoom mode to unzoomed. The ability to preserve the animation frames zoomed in size and position is planned to be added later.
    • Bug fix: dragging to roam while in zoom mode will now longer select buttons in the animation
  • Version 2.77.beta | 2015-Dec-15:
    • Refactored code to make continued development easier - no changes to the outward behavior of JSani.
  • Version 2.75.beta | 2015-Dec-10:
    • Added a simple script loader (see example) and updated to beta status
  • Version 2.70.alpha | 2015-Oct-26:
    • New controls: firstframe and lastframe
  • Version 2.68.alpha | 2015-Aug-26:
    • Bug fix: when in zoom mode and page isn't scrolled to the top, click to zoom didn't work correctly
    • Bug fix: clicking on the zoom mode would cause the animation to shift to the left in some situations
  • Version 2.66.alpha | 2015-May-19:
    • Bug fix: when in zoom mode, JSani was erroneously registering clicks on control buttons as a click to zoom event
    • added first_frame_pause, last_frame_pause and frame_pause options
  • Version 2.65.alpha | 2015-Mar-19:
    • baseDir option can now be empty or not specified
    • removed extraneous right border on right-most button
    • added some logic so that if JSani target container is set to a very small size and an error occurs, the JSani target container's size will be increased so that it can contain the error message
  • Version 2.62.alpha | 2014-Dec-22:
    • a jQuery UI progress bar that shows the progress of preloading the images for the animation has been implemented
  • Version 2.58.alpha
    • basic animation controls are working
    • overlays and other version 1 features are NOT implemented yet


A new version of JSani (version 2) is currently being developed. This new version will focus on the following:

  • continue to be easy to use
  • backwards compatible with Version 1 as appropriate (i.e., this version will strive to work with version 1 config, when this version is finished)
  • using HTML5 Canvas instead of DOM images (this will allow for new features and will fix the Firefox flicker issue)
  • easy to customize and extend:
    • it is being developed as a jQuery Widget
    • will provide a public API that developers can use to extend and customize JSani
  • leverage new web technologies, including HTML5 Canvas
  • add a number of features from Tom Whittaker's Java and Flash based AniS / FlAniS, including:
    • Frame labels
    • Frame toggle boxes
    • and more ...
  • add new features (to be anounced later)

Version 2 (when finished) will contain all version 1's existing features.


Multiple examples are included with the code when you download it.