Bill Hibbard, Senior Scientist Emeritus
Space Science and Engineering Center
1225 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Publications about artificial intelligence.

My 2018 talk about artificial intelligence on PBS.

The Geometry of Human Information Flows Coloring Book, my whimsical take on artificial intelligence.

My work on scientific visualization including two freely available software systems:

My notes on artificial intelligence.

My short fiction about artificial intelligence, [Message Contains No Recognizable Symbols].

My wife AJ is a physician and historian. Here is her diary of her epic search for her maternal grandfather's birth record. He changed his name and his city several times during his life, evading various troubles, so tracking him down was challenging. Stay tuned for her definitive edition of Volume 1 of the General Stud Book (for thoroughbreds), coming one of these years.

Here are my Sixteen Favorite Movies.

Here's my piece of one of the "Aberdeen Machines", which were the fastest "computers" in the world from 1944 - 1947.

Favorite Quotes

Monique's photos from 1968 and 1969.

Dick's photos from the summers of 1971 and 1972.