AERI Keysight Swap Procedure

AERI Keysight (formerly Agilent) Mulimeter (L4411A) Replacement Instructions

Rev Jan 15, 2015 -JG

  1. Perform Resistance Validation and 3rd Body Test prior to swap
  2. Note ‘old’ and ‘new’ L4411A unit serial numbers
  3. Power OFF AERI instrument
  4. Remove the old L4411A unit
    • The L4411A unit (and the two other units below it) are secured to the back-end using two square brackets.  In order to be able to remove the L4411A unit:
      • Loosen the top screw on the front bracket
      • Remove the two screws at the bottom at the back bracket
    • Remove all connectors from the back of the L4411A unit, note/mark similar connectors
      • Banana plugs (4)
      • BNC plugs (2)
      • Ethernet
      • Power
      • Ground wire
    • There is some mechanical interference from the serial switch (blue box) near the back of the L4411A unit:  Remove the ethernet and green connector (note orientation) from the serial switch
      • At NSA site, removal of entire blue box is necessary to be able to slide the Agilent unit out
    • Slide out old L4411A unit from the back
  5.  Install the new L4411A unit
    • Loosen philips head ground screw
    • Slide in new Agilent unit
    • Replace ethernet and green connectors on serial switch (blue box)
      • Ensure green connector is oriented correctly and mated correctly.  It needs to be flush with the surface
      • At NSA site, replace entire blue box
    • Replace all Agilent connectors, including ground wire/screw
      • Banana plugs (4)
      • BNC plugs (2)
      • Ethernet
      • Power
      • Ground wire
    • Tighten front bracket
    • Replace back bracket
  6. Power ON instrument
  7. Configure L4411A unit, if necessary
    • If the L4411A unit is already configured with the correct IP address, then no configuration should be necessary
      • (e.g. AERI L4411A =; 3rd body controller L4411A =
    • If the L4411A unit does not have the correct IP address
      • Quick instructions
        • Enter L4411A unit current IP address (from the Agilent front display) into a web browser (e.g.
        • View and modify configuration
        • Modify configuration
        • Ensure DHCP is OFF
        • Enter new IP address
        • Save, OK, Yes
        • Restart L4411A LAN, OK
        • ?Steps in Agilent connection expert window
      • Full instructions can be found in the ABB 3rd body instruction manual (p32-34)
        • Note for Step 7, type in IP address shown on front of Agilent unit into a browser on the AERI computer (e.g.
  8. Repeat Resistance Validation and 3rd Body Test to ensure new Agilent unit is working