M-AERI Software Overview

VM Desktop shotcuts

  • iBootBar:  remote controlled power supply for AERI & TEC
  • cygwin:  command line interface
  • FTSW:  manual control of AERI
  • Ingest:  automatic control of AERI and data collection


  • Black cygwin window
  • Scrolls continuously and displays current scene (e.g. S42)
  • Scan sequence is listed in table below
  • Runs automatically at VM startup
  • Cycles at 0000 UTC

FTSW Acquisition tab

  • Displays real-time data and housekeeping
  • Two graphs on left display the raw radiance measurement for each detector
    • MCT 600-1850 cm-1
    • InSb 1850-3000 cm-1
  • Status list shows housekeeping variables.  Most refresh every 30 sec
  • Useful values for rain sensors, TEC can be found at the bottom
  • Some values display -265 °C (open circuit) because the sensor does not exist on the M-AERI

FTSW Monitoring tab

  • Visualization of processed data
  • Output is usually 5-15 mins old.  Check UTC time display for time stamp
  • Left panel shows time series of radiance and various housekeeping parameters.  Software outages can be identified by missing values
  • Right top panel shows calibrated radiance for each detector
  • Right bottom panel shows the state of various housekeeping points
    • Hover over a box to see current value
    • Click on a box to see acceptable ranges
    • Arrows at the top can be used to scroll through various records / times



Scene Letter designation
Angle (deg)
Duration (approx mins)
Blackbodies H, A 240, 300 1
Sky S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z 180 3
Sea D, E, F, G 55, 60, 65, 70 3
Slant-sky O, P, Q, R 125, 120, 115, 110 3

Table 1:  M-AERI scan sequence


Figure 1:  VM Desktop & Ingest windows


Figure 2:  FTSW Acquisition tab


Figure 3:  FTSW Monitoring tab