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Building McIDAS-V from Source
Developers can download the source files for McIDAS-V and build it from scratch.

Before building McIDAS-V you need to first install Java and Java 3D on your system. You need to use the Java SDK, because the Java RunTime Environment (JRE) does not contain the Java compiler (javac). You need to use a version of Java 1.6 or above. You can use either the Java 3D SDK or JRE, version 1.3.x.

You will also need to install Ant 1.7 (http://ant.apache.org/) on your machine. Ant is similar to make - instead of a Makefile, Ant uses a build.xml file. Be sure to follow the instructions for installing Ant, especially those for setting up environment variables.

Build steps:

  1. Download the compressed source files from the McIDAS-V Download Page.
  2. Uncompress the .zip file. This will create a new directory containing the McIDAS-V source and Unidata IDV .jar files.

    The resulting directory structure will be:

    		mc-v/...		<-- McIDAS-V source directories
    		idv/lib			<-- Unidata IDV .jar files

    The Ant build script "mc-v/build.xml" is be used to build and run McIDAS-V.

  3. Change to the mc-v directory and run:

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