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Zooming, Panning and Rotating

There are several methods to zoom, pan, and rotate in McIDAS-V. You can use the mouse, the arrow keys, a rubber band box, or the Zoom/Pan Toolbar. To reset to the initial base viewpoint use the key combination Ctrl+R.

Note: You need to click in the Main Display window when using key combinations.

Note: If you are using an Apple Mac with a single button mouse, see Apple Mac One Button Mouse Controls.

Shift-Left Mouse Drag: Select a region by pressing the Shift key and dragging the left mouse button (MB1).
Shift-Right Mouse Drag: Hold Shift key and drag the right mouse button (MB3). Moving up zooms in, moving down zooms out.
Ctrl-Right Mouse Drag: Hold Control key and drag right mouse to pan. Right Mouse Drag: Drag right mouse to rotate. This works for a globe display.
Scroll Wheel
Scroll Wheel-Up: Zoom out.
Scroll Wheel-Down: Zoom in.
  Ctrl-Scroll Wheel-Up/Down: Rotate clockwise/counter clockwise.
Shift-Scroll Wheel-Up/Down: Rotate forward/backward clockwise.
Arrow keys
Shift-Up Arrow: Zoom in.
Shift-Down Arrow: Zoom out.
Ctrl-Up arrow: Pan down.
Ctrl-Down arrow: Pan up.
Ctrl-Right arrow: Pan left.
Ctrl-Left arrow: Pan right.
Left/Right Arrow: Rotate around vertical axis.
Up/Down Arrow: Rotate around horizontal axis.
Shift-Left/Right Arrow: Rotate clockwise/counter clockwise.

The default mouse and keyboard controls can be customized using the User Preferences window's Navigation Controls tab by selecting Edit->Preferences from the main menu.

Apple Mac One Button Mouse Controls

Mouse controls are a bit more challenging if you are running McIDAS-V on a Mac with a single mouse button. The typical left mouse button (MB1) functions are done with a click of the button. Right mouse options (MB3) are simulated using the Option key with a mouse click. Use the following:

There is no replacement for the mouse panning actions on the Mac. Use the keyboard arrow functions or the Viewpoint toolbar instead.

The Viewpoint Toolbar

The Viewpoint Toolbar allows you to quickly switch between different viewpoints, change the perspective of the display, and add rotation.

The Zoom/Pan Toolbar

The Zoom/Pan Toolbar assists in navigating the 3D space.

The Undo/Redo Toolbar

The Viewpoint Undo/Redo buttons allow you to undo/redo any zoom/pan/rotation/projection change made to the display. Note that you can hold down Shift and click these buttons to go forward/back 10 changes at once.

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