SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Interpreting Console Messages

If you have a console, these are the normal message types you may see; they are discussed below:

There may also be messages from the system that are unrelated to the satellite ingest process, for example disk error or full disk.

When an image ingest begins, a line similar to the following appears on the console.


This message is an index file name. It is made up of the satellite type (POES in this example), the year, julian day and time that the image began being ingested, and the type of data in the file (Local Area Coverage, or LAC in this example). For complete information on the file naming scheme, refer to the Index File Naming Convention section.


If the image contains less than 200 lines after it is completely ingested, it is automatically deleted, and the word deleted is appended to the console message to indicate its deletion. If the image above is deleted, this message would appear.

poes.1997.198.122552.LAC deleted

New Image

If the image contains 200 or more lines after it is completely ingested, the image is kept, and additional information about the image is appended to the console message, as shown in the following example.

poes.1997.198.113827.LAC sat=9 day=198 time=115444 lines=13716 del=2 err=2

The sat=9 portion of this message is the spacecraft address as it is defined in the data stream. This is not the McIDAS Sensor Source (SS) number (see the table at the beginning of this chapter).

The day=198 portion is the nominal julian start day of the image.

The time=115444 portion is the nominal start time (hhmmss) of the image.

The lines=13716 portion is the total number of lines in this image.

The del=2 portion indicates the number of lines deleted from this image. Sometimes there is a small amount of bad data or data from the previous image at the start of the data transmissions. The del= parameter indicates how many of these lines have been deleted from the image. The first 60 lines of HRPT files generated at SSEC are always deleted before checking for bad data and are not shown in the del= count.

The err=2 portion indicates the number of bit slips or data errors detected in the image.

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