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2005 McIDAS Users' Group (MUG)
Hardware and Software Survey

Site Name
1. Does your site plan to continue as a MUG member in the following years?
If not, why?
2. Please indicate the McIDAS software packages currently used at your site:
NOAAPORT Receive System
3. In order to help speed the development of McIDAS-V, we will be limiting modifications of McIDAS-X to changes necessary to keep McIDAS-X up-to-date with new data (updates to servers and applications as needed for newer data types) and fixes to any major bugs for which there are no workarounds. The goal being that version 1 of McIDAS-V would be available for release along with McIDAS-X in May 2007.


4. The last supported version of McIDAS-X on the HP-UX platform will be the 2006 upgrade, which will be supported until the 2007 upgrade is distributed. The reason that HP-UX is being sunset is that the University of Wisconsin does not support HP. Thus, we pay full price for our HP hardware and software. Estimated cost of the software and compilers will be in the range of $2,500-$3,000 annually. Estimated cost of new hardware would be in the range of $8,000-$15,000. We will continue to support McIDAS-X on HP-UX if the sites wishing to run HP-UX agree to pay those costs (both hardware and software).