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Welcome to the McIDAS Website!

In existence since 1973, McIDAS (Man computer Interactive Data Access System) is a suite of sophisticated software packages that perform a wide variety of functions with satellite imagery, observational reports, numerical forecasts, and other geophysical data. Those functions include displaying, analyzing, interpreting, acquiring and managing the data. [more]

McIDAS-X is expected to be supported for the current GOES GVAR and GOES-R satellite series (currently estimated as being in service until 2036), with no end date in sight.

This website, administered by McIDAS User Services at the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has a variety of uses, including:

  • information for visitors interested in learning about the McIDAS software packages
  • access to software, documentation and other information for McIDAS Users' Group members
  • access to McIDAS-V (the free open source McIDAS software for 3D geophysical data analysis and visualization)

Thank you for visiting the McIDAS Website!