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2007 McIDAS Users' Group Meeting

    16-18 October 2007

2007 MUG Meeting Survey

Site Name
1. Does your site plan to continue as a MUG member in the following years?
If not, why?
2. McIDAS-V software will be available free. Active McIDAS-X MUG members will receive full support for McIDAS-V through the MUG. This will include thorough testing, documentation and Help Desk support.

A new support category for McIDAS-V (only –V, no –X included) will be developed. Do you have any suggestions for what the annual fee should be?

3. How frequently should new versions of McIDAS-V be made available to you?
daily builds (no testing, may have major bugs)
as soon a stable version is ready (a stable version has had minimal testing)
similar to now with annual upgrade and Fastrack versions
Other (please describe):
4. How do you use McIDAS?
I use it interactively, sitting at workstation to do my job
I use it to run automated scripts (background processing, mcenv, cron, etc.)
I use it both interactively and to run automated scripts
Other (please describe):
5. Please use the categories below to classify your site type. If you fit under only one category, fill in 100% for it. If you're split among multiple categories, fill in the appropriate percentage for each type (totalling 100%).
  % Operational
% Research
% Education
% Commercial Business
% Commercial Reseller
6. Please write any additional comments below. Thank you.


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