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2018 McIDAS Standard Product Charges

Issued 12 January 2017;
All pricing is in U.S. dollars

1. McIDAS Users' Group (MUG) Membership
  (Includes McIDAS software license, online updates to software & documentation, and help desk support) Per calendar year
  a. McIDAS-X SX license (one or two workstations) $10,320
  b. McIDAS-X DX license (three, four or five workstations) $20,640
  c. McIDAS-X MX license (six or more workstations) $41,280
  d. McIDAS-XCD license $15,060

[For budget planning, we forecast calendar year 2019 MUG fees to increase by 5%.]

2. Commercial Reseller License for McIDAS or SSEC Data Ingestor
  Please contact SSEC for information about marketing and reselling the McIDAS-X software and/or SSEC Data Ingestors outside of the United States.  

3. McIDAS Training
  Arrangements can be made to provide McIDAS user, programmer, and operator training at SSEC or at your site. The cost will depend on your specific needs and the number of persons to be trained. Please contact your SSEC program manager to discuss training needs and scheduling.

SDI (SSEC Data Ingestor)

4. SDI Standard Hardware, includes documentation and shipping within U.S.
  Part # Nomenclature Price
  6450-685-SYS SDI-104 (primary, software included) $20,000
  6450-685-BAK SDI-104 (backup, software included) $15,000
  SDI-GRB-APP SDI-GRB Appliance* (includes ingest software and one year technical support) $25,000
  SDI-GRB-ADDE SDI-GRB Appliance plus optional ADDE software $30,000

* Hardware ownership and 5-year warranty will be transferred to site at time of installation. One year of support included.

5. SDI Technical Support Options (per satellite family **)
  a. SDI-GRB Basic Annual Support (includes system updates and ingest software updates) $1,500
  b. SDI-GRB ADDE Annual Support (includes 5a plus ADDE Software Support & updates***) $5,100
  c. SDI-104 Annual Support (includes all system & software updates)*** $5,100

** For SDI MUG membership, the satellite families are: GVAR imager and sounder, GRB, or any other
     spacecraft series in which all members have the same format or mode of data transmission.
*** Includes SDI MUG Membership and access to the McIDAS Help Desk for SDI support.