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SDI-104 POES Relay Software Changes

This page lists the software changes included with each SDI-104 POES Relay version available on the McIDAS Website. Each version contains all changes in the previous versions.

Changes in Version 20120801

  • updated package to match version that is running in the SSEC Data Center

Changes in Version 20091021

  • updated POES servers to accommodate NOAA-19 satellite, including its non-linear radiance correction term

Changes in Version 20080917

  • removed forking behavior to improve stability
  • added undouble process to remove bit-doubled HRPT due to new clock
  • corrected problem where subsequent event notifications (defined in the notify.list file) were skipped if the event triggered the execution of a non-existent target (e.g., a local script that does not exist)
  • added logging of event notifications in the file /data/opt/etc/notify.log (must exist and be writeable)
  • updated rc.ADDE to modify hosts.allow to allow connections by default

Changes in Version 20070123

  • initial release of SDI-104 POES ingestor for use with POES data received via relay from the Wallops Island, VA or Gilmore Creek, AK relay stations