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IMGFILT Correction for
McIDAS-X for XP 2011.1

The McIDAS-X for XP 2011.1 tar file available on the 2011.1 Software and Instructions page was updated 09 December 2011 at 21:10 UTC to include a corrected version of the IMGFILT command. The corrected IMGFILT, like that in previous versions of McIDAS-X, sets the destination image value to 0 (zero) if the corresponding source image value is less than the specified minimum.

Users who do not use the IMGFILT command can skip this update. Users who run the IMGFILT command and downloaded and installed McIDAS-X 2011.1 on their Windows XP workstation prior to 09 December 2011 21:10 UTC will need to install the corrected IMGFILT command by completing the instructions below.

Complete the following steps to download and install the corrected IMGFILT executable for McIDAS-X for XP version 2011.1.

  1. Log on to the workstation as mcidas.
  2. Change to the bin directory for 2011.1 and make a backup copy of the existing IMGFILT executable.
      Type: cd  ~mcidas/mcidas2011.1/bin
      Type: cp  imgfilt.k  imgfilt.k.bak     (note: do not use mv; you must use cp)
  3. Download (e.g., right-click and select Save option) the following file to the ~mcidas/mcidas2011.1/bin directory on your McIDAS-X workstation.
    File name Size Description
    imgfilt.k 853 KB updated to set the destination value to 0 (zero) if the source value is less than the specified minimum
  4. By downloading (or copying) imgfilt.k into the ~mcidas/mcidas2011.1/bin directory, you replace the previous (broken) version of the executable with the corrected one. The link to the ~mcidas/bin directory is automatically updated so the corrected version of IMGFILT is used.