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We present a set of historically relevant images, all produced with SSEC’s flagship software, the Man computer Interactive Data Access System, McIDAS. The various sets include examples of all McIDAS image production capabilities for a specific developmental stage of the system, the third generation McIDAS, referred to as “the meteorologist’s dream machine” (see The Man computer Interactive Data Access System: 25 Years of Interactive Processing by M. Lazzara et al.). These “McIDAS Greatest Hits” were compiled in 1995 by Matthew Lazzara and John Mecikalski, but scores of computer programmers, testers, engineers, technicians and managers have created the code and architecture of McIDAS that make possible these images and all the myriad capabilities of McIDAS. The person listed with each image is a contact person who can talk about that particular image.

Jason Brunner produced this exhibit.

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25 April 2003