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2007 McIDAS Users' Group Meeting

    16-18 October 2007

McIDAS-V Workshop Handouts and Data Files

You can view and/or download the following handouts and data files from the 2007 MUG Meeting Workshop. For each handout, there is a link to a DOC (Microsoft Word) and/or PDF (PostScript Descriptor Format, which is viewed with Adobe Acrobat) version of the handout. The data files for the HYDRA labs can all be downloaded via ftp.

Morning Session: McIDAS-V (Download McIDAS-V )

  • Introduction to McIDAS-V (13 pages - DOC | PDF)

Early Afternoon Session: HYDRA in McIDAS-V

  • HYDRA Lab 1 - Using Hydra in McIDAS-V for Interrogating Hyperspectral Data and Exploring Spectral Properties of Clouds and Moisture

Late Afternoon Session: HYDRA (Download HYDRA)

  • HYDRA Lab 2 - Example of future HYDRA capabilities in McIDAS-V as a tool to view multi-spectral data

  • HYDRA Lab 3 - Exploring SEVIRI and MODIS data using HYDRA

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