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Version 2005
Upgrade Cover Letter

20 May 2005

The McIDAS-X and -XCD version 2005 upgrades are now available. You can obtain the software from the McIDAS Users' Group Web Site (http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/mcidas). Use the login and password included in your site coordinator's cover letter to download the software from the web site. See the upgrade procedure documents for complete installation instructions.

The significant changes for McIDAS-X version 2005 include the following:

  • added support of McIDAS-X on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 on 64 bit systems
  • completed transition to port 112 for all compression methods of ADDE data transfers
  • added new methods for restricting access to ADDE remote servers
  • updated Configuration GUI with several new features, and added new .mcidasrc flag to automatically start the Configuration GUI
  • updated McIDAS-X GUI with several new features, including options to create drop-down menus and popup text for shortcut buttons
  • updated FRMLABEL command to include placeholders for image wavelength, wave number and frequency; also added all 24 of FRMLABEL’s placeholders to ZA command for use in graphics labels
  • modified GRDDISP command to include COLOR keyword option to color-code plots based on the parameter values
  • modified MAP command to include new keyword options to specify which direction longitude labels should increase, and to draw latitude and longitude lines within an inset region
  • modified IMGFILT command to include new MERGE and SPOT filters
  • changed primary format for McIDAS suite of manuals to HTML and changed to a more logical naming convention for the files
  • added 14 new commands, 13 new data files, and six new servers to McIDAS-XRD 2005 sidecar package
  • fixed 67 bugs and completed 42 enhancements from the MUG Inquiry System

The significant changes for McIDAS-XCD version 2005 include the following:

  • added new script to allow McIDAS-XCD to be run in the background
  • expanded file naming options in the GRIB filer
  • improved accuracy and reliability of surface observation, NEXRAD and GFS MOS decoders

If you have questions about this upgrade, call the McIDAS Help Desk at (608) 262-2455, or send email to the Help Desk.


Dee Wade
Manager, McIDAS User Services and SSEC Data Center