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SSEC Data Ingestor (SDI-104)
Software Updates

We are now accepting orders for the SDI GRB Appliance

For technical information, contact Scott Mindock by phone at (608) 263-0552 or by email.
To make an order or request a quote, contact Becky Schaffer by phone at (608) 263-6141 or by email.

[SDI GRB Appliance fact sheet]

The software updates available here contain ingestor and server binary updates to install on SSEC Data Ingestor (SDI-104) systems. The software is available to all SDI sites that purchased MUG support for their systems or have been contacted and been given apporoval by SSEC. See the SDI Information Page and the Overview in the SDI Operator's Manual for more information about the SDI-104 package. See the SDI GRB Appliance webpage and fact sheet above for more information about this package that ingests and distributes GOES-R Series satellite data from the GRB (GOES Rebroadcast) data stream.

A login name and password is required to download any software. Once you've entered your valid login name and password, you can obtain any other McIDAS software your site is licensed to receive (e.g., McIDAS-X and McIDAS-XCD).

The table below contains links to the SDI versions available for each ingestor type. The versions are ordered chronologically, with the most recent for each ingestor toward the top of its column. Therefore, to read about and/or obtain the current version for an ingestor, click the version closest to the top of the ingestor's column and follow the instructions.

Download Software and Instructions

    SDI-104 front panel; click for SDI-104 info
  • SSEC Data Ingestor (SDI-104)
    SDI-104 systems were manufactured beginning in 2006

  • Software Updates:
    • Select the appropriate version by finding your ingestor type along the top, and the version (top=newest, bottom=oldest) in the column below it. If the version contains a full release (server binaries, ingestor binaries, and data files), it is noted in italics below the version descriptor. See the SDI-104 Software Changes pages [GVAR | POES-Relay] for descriptions of the changes in each version.
    • GVAR
      [names.gvar files] *

      [NOAA-18,19 ATOVS]
      (full release)
      (full release)
      - 20120801
      (full release)

      * The "names.gvar files" page contains the names.gvar files used in the SSEC Data Center's GVAR ingestors. They are provided for reference only; other sites will often choose different settings in their version of the file.



Historical Notes:
SSEC has been designing and building satellite ingestors since the mid-1970s. The first generation was the SSEC Desktop Ingestor (SDI), which were manufactured between 1997 and 2005. The SSEC Data Ingestor (SDI-104) replaced the 1st-generation SDIs beginning in 2006. The next generation - the SDI GRB Appliance - is now available.