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SDI-104 GVAR version 20091021
Software and Instructions

Note: This version (20091021) is the first update to the current SDI-104 GVAR full release (20080930). The install files for this version are no longer available because a more recent update is available. See the SDI Software page for the latest full release (20080930) and update (20120111).

SDI-104 GVAR version 20091021 contains an updated GVAR server to accommodate significant changes in the GVAR signal for GOES-14. See the SDI-104 GVAR Software Changes page to see the list of changes for all versions of SDI-104 GVAR available on the McIDAS Website.

You can obtain the SDI-104 GVAR version 20091021 files through this webpage if you purchased MUG support for your SDI-104 GVAR system or have been contacted and been given apporoval by SSEC. You will be prompted for your site's login and password when you attempt to download the installation files. If you do not know the login and password, ask your site coordinator. If you know the login and password and still have a problem obtaining these files via the web, ask your site coordinator to contact the McIDAS Help Desk by e-mail or by phone at (608) 262-2455.

Complete the following steps to obtain and install the SDI-104 GVAR software.

  1. Download the following two files to a workstation that can be accessed by your SDI-104 GVAR ingestor.

    File name Size Description
    SdiMaint.py 45 KB installation script
    adde-gvar-20091021.tar.gz 2776 KB compressed tar file containing the server binaries

  2. Log on to the SDI-104 GVAR ingestor as root and copy the files obtained in step 1 to the ingestor's /tmp directory.

  3. Stop the ingestor.
      Type: init 3

  4. Run the update script to select, and then install, SDI-104 GVAR version 20091021.
      Type: cd /tmp
      Type: /opt/bin/python ./SdiMaint.py

  5. When prompted by the script for the device or directory name, enter the following.
      Type: /tmp

  6. The script should find the adde-gvar-20091021.tar.gz file and show that version in the "ADDED" list. Confirm the update and install the software by entering the following.
      Type: yes

  7. Restart the ingestor.
      Type: init 4