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McIDAS-X Version 2008
Software and Instructions

McIDAS-X Version 2008 was distributed on 27 May 2008. You can obtain the files through this web page using your site's login and password (which was also listed on the cover letter that was enclosed with the upgrade letter e-mailed to your site coordinator). If you do not know the login and password, ask your site coordinator. If you have a problem obtaining these files via the web, ask your site coordinator to contact the McIDAS Help Desk by e-mail or by phone at (608) 262-2455.

Complete the following steps to obtain and install the upgrade.

  1. Download the following eight files to the ~mcidas directory on your McIDAS-X workstation.
    File name Size Description
    README 8 KB upgrade information file
    mcidas2008.sh 34 KB shell script that does the build/install/uninstall
    mcidas2008.sp 0.9 KB disk space requirements file used by mcidas2008.sh
    mcidas2008.tar.Z 88 MB compressed tar file containing source and data files
    mcinet2008.sh 18 KB shell script that configures an ADDE remote server
    MAY08INQ.TXT 17 KB list of changed modules grouped by SSEC inquiry number
    MAY08OPN.TXT 7 KB list of open (unresolved) SSEC inquiries
    MAY08PRG.TXT 57 KB list of changed modules in alphabetical order
  2. Carefully read and complete all steps in the document McIDAS-X Version 2008 Upgrade Procedure, May 2008 (pdf). This document, which was also included in the upgrade letter e-mailed to your site coordinator, contains an overview of McIDAS-X 2008 and specific instructions to follow before, during, and after installing McIDAS 2008. We strongly urge that all regular users of McIDAS-X (not just the installer) read this document.