Through the Atmosphere Winter/Spring 2023

July 26, 2023 | Brad Pierce
SSEC Director Brad Pierce
Credit: Bryce Richter / UW-Madison

Climate change — Two words that are as familiar as they are urgent. And two words that figure into most of our research, especially as we consider its applications.

More and more, our research increases knowledge about global climate, whether by providing access to decades of surface data in the Antarctic or uncovering layers of ancient climate through glacial ice coring. 

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In the farthest reaches of the atmosphere, with access to satellite data, we are able to track and monitor atmospheric rivers, conveyor belts of moisture that accelerate glacial melt in places like Greenland — places that regulate Earth’s temperature and climate.

But because research isn’t enough, we teach students the principles of climate change and its impact on society, in hopes of engaging more of them in research careers and if not, encouraging them to be climate-minded in their daily lives.

Knowing is part of solving. To that end, we continue to harness environmental data and satellite observations, to increase awareness but importantly, to inform science-based solutions and mitigation strategies to adapt to climate change.

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