14th annual AOSS Photo Contest

May 7, 2024 | Eric Verbeten

Around the world, the atmosphere and the weather connects us all. From the most energetic events, to the calm, these captured moments reveal the complexity underlying our natural world and beyond.

For the 14th year, the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences Photo Contest at UW-Madison showcases stunning photographs of weather phenomena. University students, scientists, staff and professors share what they see when they peer through the camera’s lens.

“Eclipse Phases” by SSEC researcher Paolo Veglio was the winning photo for the 2024 AOSS Photo Contest

This year’s winning entry “Eclipse Phases” was submitted by Paolo Veglio, research scientist at the Space Science and Engineering Center.

“I set my camera to take a photo every five minutes for the entire duration of the eclipse. During totality I paused the “time-lapse,” removed the solar filter and snapped a few photos to get a good shot of the diamond ring,” says Veglio.  “I had to realign my camera a few times to keep the Sun in the frame. The diamond ring is a bracketed exposure of three photos to capture more details.”

Veglio says it is difficult to describe what it is like seeing totality in person.

“I already had the luck of seeing the 2017 eclipse, and I still got excited like the first time. It’s incredible how up to 99% of totality there’s still plenty of light, and then in an instant everything turns dark, like a sudden sunset in every direction,” he says.

Take a look at the winning entries, honorable mentions and all of the outstanding photographs submitted this year.

SSEC and the AOSS Library are proud to host the annual AOSS Photo Contest.