Fostering STEM Careers and College Decisions

January 31, 2013 | Mark Hobson

On  Thursday, 31 January 2013, students in an AP aviation course at Madison’s Edgewood High School visited SSEC/CIMSS to learn more about some of the exciting research going on in our building.

Margaret Mooney greeted the group in the lobby before presenting satellite meteorology topics on the 3D globe. Lee Cronce presented aviation meteorology topics to the students in the CAVE (CIMSS Analysis and Visualization Environment).

lee cronce


Both Mooney and Cronce discussed their careers and shared what they love about science and weather. The students asked several on-topic questions and, in spite of a fresh snow cover and below zero wind chills, wrapped up their visit with a trip to the roof!


SSEC/CIMSS welcomes visits from all area high schools, especially from students inclined towards science-related careers. Similar to the CIMSS Student Workshop, engaging these students helps maintain a pipeline to future scientists and researchers.

For more information about the Edgewood avaition class, visit