CIMSS Science Symposium Videos

The first CIMSS Science Symposium was held on 12 December 2012 (see related story for details). The eight presentations were video-taped.

Brad Pierce – “TEMPO – Keeping the Beat With Air Quality”

Tim Schmit and Paul Menzel – “Fact Checking on GOES Imager and ABI”

Nadia Smith – “Thinking Outside the Grid – Aggregating Data Into Information”

Mark Kulie and Ralf Bennartz – “Exploring New Frontiers in Microwave Remote Sensing”

Elisabeth Weisz – “Profile and Cloud Parameter Retrievals”

Zhenlong Li – How Much Do We Know About Infrared Land Surface Emissivity?”

Margaret Mooney – “Climate Education and CIMSS Education and Outreach”

Liam Gumley – “Looking to the Future – How to Deal With Large Data Sets”